We are beyond proud of this list of Best Speed alumni players! Everyone on this list has played or is playing with their respected schools right now.


2014 Hornets:

Zach Barteleme – Yuba College
Kenny Ganzler – San Jose City College
Zachary Reid – Folsom Lake College and Indiana Tech University (NAIA)
Steele Hadfield – Folsom Lake College
Shaq Robinson – Sacramento City College
Irvin Arellano – San Francisco City College
Alex Dodd – American River JC


2015 Hornets:

Pablo Del Gado – Florida Memorial University (NAIA)
Walker Muso – Menlo College (NAIA)
Nano Fernandez – Cairn University (NAIA)
Sal Anguiano – Nebraska Weselyn College (NAIA)
Spencer Bartucca – Long Beach State
Andrew Cisneros – Folsom Lake College
Carlos Paniagua – American River JC
JT Blattman – Yuba College


2016 Hornets:

Kody Gardner – Sacramento State (NCAA D1)
Austin Roberts – Sacramento State (NCAA D1)
Tiegen Jones – Fresno State (NCAA D1)
Avery “AJ” Wood – Oregon Tech University (NAIA)
Aiden Malm – San Jose State University (NCAA D1)
Jordan Vujovich – Oregon University (NCAA D1)
Ryan Manning – William Jessup University (NAIA)
Isaiah Robinson – Sacramento City JC
Zackeria Jiles – American River JC
Shawn Roberts – American River JC
Blake Spencer – American River JC
Ryan Lemp – American River JC
Jaylund Johnson – Folsom Lake College JC
Josh Purther – Consumes River JC
Burle Dixon – Consumes River JC
Petey Torress – Santa Rosa JC
Hunter Jury – Delta JC
Kevin Kyle – Delta JC
Jonah Allman – Santa Barbara JC (Football)