Best Speed Baseball teams strive to compete at the highest level that is appropriate for the age group and talent level of each roster. During each travel baseball season, which runs from August 1 through July 30, our teams have earned an impressive array of tournament championships and runner up finishes. Many of our teams are nationally ranked by the United States Specialty Sports Assocation (USSSA). The teams at BSB play in tournaments primarily sanctioned by the Northern California Travel Ball (NCTB) Baseball.

Our annual roster tryouts are at the start of every summer. We currently have teams at the following age levels:
(If you are uncertain what age group your child belongs in check the Travel Ball Age Calculator)

U9/U10 (Combined)

U11 Prospect  &  U11 Elite

U12 Prospect  &  U12 Elite

U13 Prospect  &  U13 Elite

U14 Prospect  &  U14 Elite

U15 Elite

U16 Elite

U17 Elite

U18 Elite

If you are interested in our academy, we would love to hear from you!

A great opportunity to learn more about Best Speed would be our Friday Night Academy workouts. Check our calendar and plan your first visit to our facility!