Below is the information for the Spring Babe Ruth league, including dates, location, cost, and registration information. The steps for registration, email verification, and payment to BSB are explained below (and somewhat extensive), but if you have the information that you need ahead of time and follow the instructions, it’s pretty easy. As always, if you have questions, please let us know.

Please register your player as soon as possible. Please do not delay in registering with East Sac Babe Ruth (SBR or ESBR)

Sac Babe Ruth Details:

What: Sacramento Babe Ruth (SBR) Spring League

When: March -June 2018, Games: one weekday and one 

Saturday each week

Where: McAuliffe Fields, adjacent to Sac State; and Renovated Army Depot


14u Elite Roster Players ($300) 

14u Gold Roster Players ($375) **ESBR/GWBL**

13u Elite Roster Players ($300) 

13u Green Roster Players ($300) 

13u Gold Roster Players ($300) 

 *Cost includes combined Babe Ruth League fees and BSB fees.

What you need to register: 

            Before you begin, you will need these items:

  1. Your player’s information including medical info: physician name, Phone #, Insurance information, medical record number, list of medications.
  2. Digital copy/scan of your player’s birth certificate.
  3. Your player’s age group and roster designation (Elite, Green, or Gold).

Steps to Complete SBR Registration:

1.      Visit – this is the East Sac Babe Ruth website.  Click on the large banner on the home page “Registration Now Open – Click Here to Register”

2.      Login to SBR account of Create an Account: basic account, email, and password kind of stuff. For returning SBR players: use last year’s account. 

NOTE #1: For families who played Babe Ruth last year, the registration is simpler since all the details are saved in your account from last season. 

NOTE #2: if you have played Cal Ripken (affiliated with Babe Ruth) you may already have an account that is recognized by SBR. You may be able to simply login with your Cal Ripken account to begin the process.

NOTE #3: (optional) Add an adult (spouse, etc) to your Family Account. Or skip if not needed.

3.      Click on Register to Play/Participate button. Then select New Child if you do not have a player account from previous Babe Ruth/Cal Rikpen before; or select the Child that already has an account created (child name will be listed if this is the case). Then click on the Register Now button. Complete information for your player, if a new player. After entering and saving, on the next screen, select “Player”, and then select “Baseball 13-15”. Then click on Register.

4.      Proof of Residency: click on “SKIP”. This step seems to include uploading a PDF copy of a recent utility bill proving your residency in the Sac Babe Ruth district. This is NOT a mandatory field, bypassing this page doesn’t appear to stop the registration process. Everyone will be able to play regardless of your address, but the southern boundary line of the district is Florin Road. If you live south of Florin, do not worry about proving residency. Last season, players uploaded the birth certificate, but only a few provided the residency paperwork, so don’t let this page stop the registration process.

5.      Upload Birth Certificate: click on Choose File, and then navigate to your saved digital copy of the birth certificate. Then click Upload Birth Certificate.

6.      Answer question “Is this player signing up as a member of a Team supplying their own Uniforms?”- answer is “YES ($-35.00)”

       Comment Section: Type in the Comment section two items:
“My son is playing on Best Speed Baseball _______ .“ 

(with your player’s age and roster designation, for example “14 Elite” , “13u Green” , etc.) 


“Best Speed Baseball will be paying with one check.” 

OPTIONAL-  select whether you are interested in their NCSA communication.

Then click on Continue.

7.      Enter Emergency Contact Information. Click Save & Continue.

8.      Shopping Cart: review information for accuracy. Click on Continue to Checkout.

9.      Checkout Page:
Optional SBR offer for private, third party Reg Fee insurance. This is completely up to you. This is not affiliated with BSB. Select yes or no from dropdown menu. Please note that BSB does not provide refunds.

Scroll down and click on “Pay with Check”.

10.   Order Complete Screen: from this screen copy the reference number (should be a letter and several numbers). BSB needs this reference/order number to make the organizational payment for our teams. Also, you will need this number included in your forwarded email (see next step).

  1. Check your email, and forward the “Order Receipt/Registration Confirmation email to both Head Instructor Alec Smith and 14u Elite Head Coach Tony Giusti: 

Before sending this email, in the body of the forwarded message, include this info:

Your player’s name
SBR reference/order number (as noted above)

Make a payment to Best Speed Baseball for Spring league fees:

  1. To Pay:
    BSB App- Scroll to and click on Social Media. Then click on Best Speed Baseball. Then scroll down to payment center. Select the Correct payment button based on your player’s roster designation

    BSB website- there will be a button on the website on the home page. Scroll down to Payment Center. There will be a button for paying Spring League Fees. 

14u Elite Roster Players ($300) 

14u Gold Roster Players ($375) **ESBR/GWBL**

13u Elite Roster Players ($300) 

13u Green Roster Players ($300) 

13/14u Roster Players ($300) 

NOTE: This will cover the Babe Ruth registration, equipment, supplies, and admin costs associated with BSB Spring Leagues.